QUANTUMACTORY is a German operated Fashion Accelerator and Celebrity Manufacturer for emerging fashion designers. 

Our team of 28 people, based in Shanghai, China, provides the all-in-one solution to launch your fashion brand. We give you, the fashion designer, the structured and affordable manufacturing you need to turn your creative vision into profits.

We run in-house product development and manufacturing of designer’s portfolio. We supply fabrics, trims, digital- & screen prints, laser cut, embroidery and other creative finishing for sampling- and bulk projects.

Our on-line textile library carries a selection of 2000 premium fabrics. All available from 1m per color.

Fascinated by creation we developed a hands-on lean market entrance program for emerging designers which minimizes initial investment while securing revenues from the very moment of the brand launch. We make sure you have a great product in a quantity you need and when you need it, freeing up your time for design-, creative presentation-, sales- and public relations activities necessary for your brands quantum leap.

You design - we manufacture - you go quantum