Understanding your Consumer Base when Fashion Designing

Posted by QUANTUMFACTORY on 11/18/2014 to General
Fashion is a reflection of people’s changing attitude and values. A personal style statement can become fashion when it is seen and adopted by others. The style should be appealing enough to be imitated by other people in public. On the other hand, the term “trend” is referred to the particular set of product preferences within a consumer group. 

The Importance of Fabric Selection in Fashion Design

Posted by QUANTUMFACTORY on 10/29/2014 to General
Fabric choice is an important factor in fashion design success. The type of fabrics you use will influence the five elements of fashion design: line, form, shape, texture, and color.

Getting Started as a Professional Fashion Designer

Posted by QUANTUMFACTORY on 10/27/2014 to How To
QUANTUMFACTORY can help you become a professional fashion designer by giving you access to great fashion manufacturers and fabrics.

Tips For Launching Your First Runway Show

Posted by QUANTUMFACTORY on 9/22/2014 to How To
Designers today are expected to be Jacks and Jills of all trades. Not only are you expected to take inspiration from the world around you and translate it into wearable fashion, you're expected to do so within size and price parameters, produce your designs on schedule, be ready to deliver to a client on deadline... Oh, and probably to do your own PR and runway show as well!

A Primer on Fashion Fabrics

Posted by QUANTUMFACTORY on 8/20/2014 to General
Whether you are just someone looking to make a couple pieces of clothing for family members or whether you are looking to create a new line of clothing, part of your education in doing a good job with the work is understanding fabric.