10 Basic Tips to Market Your Fashion Business on Instagram

Posted by QUANTUMFACTORY on 11/20/2014 to How To

Do you know that a lot of fashion enthusiasts today turn to Instagram for online shopping of clothes and accessories? This social media network is gaining popularity as a marketplace for fashion businesses, continuously attracting potential consumers who regularly browse through the e-shops.

If you're a newbie in the fashion business scene and you'd like to market your own fashion line, you ought to come up with an Instagram shop where you can showcase and sell your creations.

After getting the actual garments from QUANTUMFACTORY that exhibit your visualized and sketched designs, it's time to market, market, market! And where better to begin than onlineā€¦

Here are 10 basic tips to help you market on Instragram and draw attention to your e-store:

1.      Plan the launch of your Instagram shop.

First, you have to plan the launch of your shop well. It's not just as simple as registering an account and then posting pictures. Choose an IG name that would be easy to remember and find. Then carefully craft your profile and post some teaser photos. Indicate in your profile that you are opening soon.

If you already have a website or an existing offline store, then you can easily market the launch of your IG shop. But if not, you must use other social media platforms, market in the local neighborhood and tie up with establishments, spread the word through your family and friends, and follow fashion fanatics and prospective customers on Instagram in the hope that they will follow back.

2.      Gather followers even before you open.

As mentioned above, you ought to market even the launch. It's just like opening an actual store. Perhaps you can draw attention by offering an introductory discount or some sort of other gimmick. This will help you gather more followers even before you start operating this digital store.

Try searching for hashtags like #shopaholic, #fashiondiva, #ootd (outfit of the day), and more. These may lead you to fashion lovers whom you can follow or send a direct message to. It would also be good to comment on photos of other fashion sellers and of potential consumers.

3.      Post appealing photos of your products.

Once you are in operation, you have to post appealing photos of your products. Yes, there are some home-based sellers who simply take pictures with their closets as the background and without even making an effort for a professional look. But you should consider yourself a professional fashion designer and thus show off your stuff the best way possible.

Prepare photo shoots in which models can strut your creations beautifully. The pictures should also reflect your company branding or the image you wish to project, depending on the nature of your designs and on your target market. You have to post pictures that show different angles of the clothes, both when worn and not worn.

4.      Provide complete details and measurements.

Because people cannot touch your products nor see them in person, it's best to provide complete details that customers may be concerned about. For instance, it would be good to indicate the kind of fabric and if there's padding or lining.

What's more, you ought to post the measurements along with the pictures. This will help customers decide if the fit will be suitable for them. It's another way to encourage more people to buy from you than from others.

5.      Use relevant hashtags in your posts.

When you place relevant hashtags in your posts, you can easily be found by those looking for your items or who may be interested in what you're offering. Let's say you are selling matching couple shirts, it would be great to use hashtags like #coupleshirts, #anniversarygift, #giftsforcouples, and #matchingshirts.

Try going over the post of established fashion shops with lots of followers, likes, and comments. Take a look at the hashtags they use so you can get a better idea for your own posts.

6.      Follow, like, and comment actively.

For your IG shop to become popular, you have to be active on this social media. That means you must browse through your newsfeed regularly, follow other sellers and fashion icons, and like their posts too. From time to time, it would do you good to comment on some photos not only of others shops and of fashion industry well-known names in the community but also on the pictures posted by ordinary people.

Interact with other users, and you'll make friends and encourage more to follow you and perhaps eventually become buying customers.

7.      Post other things of interest to your audience.

Don't be too stiff or seller-like by just posting products. It's great to post some quotes on design and style or share some fashion ideas you are toying with. Maybe you can also post inspirational stuff and fashion tips.

In addition, why don't you take a look at the usual posts of your customers? Check out their profiles too. These will give you insight on what they are interested in. Maybe they also appreciate posts on beauty and health. Maybe many of your followers are moms who would love to see posts on home décor, rearing children, and even recipes.

8.      Come up with various promos and contests.

In order to jack up your number of followers and somehow have an edge over competitors, you'll need to come up with promos and contests from time to time. Offer discounts, buy one take one deals, and giveaways for the repost with the most likes. Or you can have a "Race to 1,000 Followers" contest or invent a selfie challenge. Be as creative as you can be. You'll be surprised how many new followers and customers you will gain in the long run.

9.      Encourage and post feedback from your customers.

Since you're virtual, prospective customers have to learn to trust you. One way to do this is to encourage those who have bought from you to give feedback which you can post. It can be chat conversations or better yet, the customers wearing your fashion designs!

10.   Hold virtual fashion shows and other events.

Just because you are operating on Instagram doesn't mean you can't hold a fashion show and other events. Yes, this is possible depending on your imagination and ingenuity.

For example, you can have IG followers anticipate a product launching. Set a date and keep posting teasers leading up to that event. You can give away prizes for the first repost of the product or for the first 10 comments.

And if you are planning a fashion show of your new clothing line, why not schedule a pictorial and post the preparations as well as the actual fashion photos while it's ongoing? Of course you must invite followers to be on Instagram during the event so they can see your posts real time and feel like they are present in the event.

There are many ways to go about it. After you've received the finished products of your creations from QUANTUMFACTORY, you have to keep squeezing out your creative juices for your marketing. Combine this with continuous research of the industry, the market, and your selling platforms and you're on your way to success!