Jump In With A Men's Clothing Line

Posted by QUANTUMFACTORY on 8/20/2014 to How To

It does not take long to realize and understand that competition in the fashion industry is beyond intense - especially with women's clothing. And with so many brands being established and many others backed by celebrity names, it is very hard to get a foothold in the marketplace.

With men's clothing, however, there is an opportunity for a young, creative designer to find a foothold and become successful because there is less demand for clothes on the men's side. Men tend to buy a few pieces of clothing and wear them for years. There are not too many established brands in men's wear - and those who are established have done so in a particular niche and have not tried to be everything to everyone.

So if you are a budding fashion designer and you are looking for a chance to break into the business, perhaps consider these tips on starting a men's clothing line first before moving over to the women's side.

From us here at QUANTUMFACTORY.NET, here are some tips to start a men's fashion line:

Consider your niche. This goes beyond your desired demographic; you should consider not trying to do everything in men's clothing. Pick ties and socks, or shoes, or suits, or golf shirts, or dress shirts, etc. Be fairly specific at first and expand from there over time. Getting specific will help create effective marketing later.

Next, consider where you will sell your clothes when they are ready. There are several options - wholesellers, a retail store, an e-commerce online portal or some kind of marketplace. Selling online is the cheapest and easiest option, but you should consider at least two or more entry points.

Sketching. Time to draw up some designs. I's great if you already know how to do it, but if not, you can always take a class at a local community college or fashion school. You could even work with a friend who has an artistic bent and have him or her sketch based on your ideas.

Prototypes. Sketches are great, but now you need to actually make the clothes and put them on male models so you can sell your designs. If you don't know this part of the process, find a friend or hire a professional to put the clothes together for you.

Show off. Now that you have your designs and your prototypes, it's time to set up a fashion show. Get a venue - doesn't have to be big - and hire some models (use a local college's male population as a starting point) and be sure to invite influential fashion writers, editors and buyers to your show.

Hit the market. Marketing is where the rubber meets the road. Build a website, YouTube channel and/or a blog about your fashion line, send out press releases, send "lookbooks" of your designs to prominent buyers and media members and sell your story to local media - especially if you're from a smaller area instead of New York, Chicago or Los Angeles. And don't soft-shoe it - being aggressive, especially in the first few months, is vital to success, and be especially aggressive around the holidays to promote sales volume.