What are the MOQ's for a Garment production @QUANTUMFACTORY?

Posted by QUANTUMFACTORY on 5/31/2015 to FAQ's
We do not have a classic Minimum Order Quantity in terms of how many pieces per Order you have to produce. Still there are some requirements regarding Volume. As garment development is the most costly part of the whole production cycle we want to make sure each developed garment generates a certain Order volume over time

We require to generate a revenue (your product price incl. materials, excl. shipment, excl. development costs) of USD750.- (or CNY4,500.- if you are in China) per each size of any garment.

As we know that not everybody can produce such a Volume within one Order this revenue can be distributed over a period of one year.

How do I calculate this Volume?

   if you know the production price it's very simple: Just divide USD 750.- by the production costs per piece and ... there you go

   if you don't know the production price yet: use your target price or manufacturing budget to make this calculation

An Example:
you have an item with a production price of USD 30.-

we expect you to commit to an annual production volumne of 25 pcs per size (
USD 750.- / USD 30.- = 25 pcs)