Who is Quantumfactory Co. Ltd?

We are German operated Fashion Accelerator, running our own manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China, as well as working with a large network of partner fashion manufacturers.

How can I work with you?

You may leverage our know-how in three steps:

Step 1: Join our signature Fashion Business Mastermind™ Program and learn in 14 comprehensive steps what our most successful clients do to build a winning fashion brand.

Step 2: Become our Manufacturing Member and get your fashion produced with us.

Step 3: Join our Build with You Program and have our team members hands on help you building your brand.

How can I manufacture with you?

We manufacture strictly for our manufacturing members.

To become our manufacturing member you simply chose one of the manufacturing plans that works best for you.

Your monthly manufacturing membership fees become your manufacturing budget and go strictly towards production of your orders.

Once you become our manufacturing member, your single focus is on marketing and sales of your products. We take care of sourcing, pattern making, sample making, production, quality control and logistics.

Click the button below to chose your manufacturing membership plan.

What is our Mission and Purpose?

Our Mission is to facilitate emerging fashion designers and entrepreneurs across the globe to start their brands from zero and to succeed in their venture.

What is Fashion Business Mastermind™?

Fashion Business Mastermind™ is one of a kind self-study mentorship program with a weekly Q&A that teaches fashion designers and entrepreneurs basic principles of building a successful fashion business.

If you are just starting out, or feel stuck in your existent business - this program is for you.

Click the button below and get your insane 14 days FREE trial today! 🙂 During the next 14 days you will do more for your fashion business than you have done in the past 3 years!

How can I join Build with You program?

Our Build with You program is reserved for clients that understand all advantages of momentum and team building, and have resources to support fast growth.

If you'd love to learn how we can help you, click the button below and schedule a strategy call with one of our team members.

How do I contact Quantumfactory?

Email us at support@quantumfactory.net
We love hearing from you!
Use Our Services to Make Your Business WORK Online!

If you do not have a clue of how to create a garment from all the amazing designs you have in your head, the best way forward is to hire a manufacturing company.

They turn your ideas into an actual product without you having to do any of the tedious work. Bottom line is – this saves you dollars and cents, as well as the most precious commodity on earth these days – TIME!

First and foremost, Quantumfactory understands quality. So if you want to produce high quality clothing, this is the factory for you.

They understand the client and the client’s expectations, and while trying to maintain the integrity of the design, will highlight unexpected outcomes that you did not anticipate. Again, $$$ and cents saved! Ka

Last, but not least, they can SOURCE FABRICS for you remotely and present the choices to you in as tactile a way as is possible over the screen. Sourcing fabrics requires a) Knowledge, and b) Contacts, both of which I do not have.

I found Julia through a successful designer friend (who even then made me pay for the referral!!!).

But it was money well spent. So if you are lucky enough to come across Quantum Factory, I wouldn’t hesitate to hire them.

- Mary Anne, Fashion Inventor @ilikeitlikethat.sg

I have chosen Quantumfactory because of their experience and patience with a newbie designer, and also their affordability.

Prior to joining Quantumfactory I was trying to develop my product for TWO LONG YEARS!

It went on and on with no result. I went through lots of waiting and non-communication. Extremely stressful. I’ve almost given up.

Since finding Quantumfactory, in the first 3 months I had my product created and ready for bulk production.

On the top of that, at every step of product development did I receive valuable strategic insights for my brand development and great support.

Currently, we are working on luxury packaging, while I am preparing for  launch!"

- Tammy, Fashion Inventor @tammy.mccray_

“I cannot begin to express the knowledge I have gained in the past year.  

You realize just how grateful you are to be in the hands of a seasoned professional.

Julia Antufjew literally guides you seamlessly through the entire manufacturing process from start to finish.

I knew nothing about manufacturing when I started, and now I feel like I know more than most.

Quantumfactory’s attention to detail has been outstanding.

Every last detail of your product is taken into consideration and hammered out until you walk away with a product that you are proud to bring to your customer.

Quality control systems are set into place, and having that go-to person take care of all your needs personally is just an experience you don’t get in a normal manufacturing endeavor.

If you are given the opportunity to manufacture with the Quantumfactory, don’t think twice about it.  

You will be a better person for it and your mission will be crystal clear!”

- Cynthia, Fashion Inventor @the_wearloom

I have join QUANTUMFACTORY through a referral and I’m beyond thrilled with what I have learned so far!

I’ve been given insights along the way that is valuable to know to keep running for years.

I never dreamed that I could find it all in one pot.

Manufacturing, branding, mission to selling, etc..

How to stay in business that sets you apart.

Would recommend to anyone you won’t regret the wealth of knowledge you get.

- Mary, Fashion Inventor @pickyourrose

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